Month: March 2017

Finally, Spring has sprung! The clocks have stepped forward, gifting us with longer evening and brighter days. This means it’s the perfect time to invest in some fresh rattan furniture and style your interiors to suit the season. The beautiful Henley occasional chair was an instant favourite addition to this year’s ranges. This elegant, timeless design not only looks beautiful, but it also has a big comfort factor. With a fully upholstered back and arms and foam seat cushion, it really does provide optimum comfort. Plus, the mix of quality fabrics available means it can fit seamlessly into any home.   Henley Oxford   While the shape of the Henley is quite traditional, the overall effect of the chair is very modern, meaning that it will sit well as a feature piece in any design scheme. Scatter Cushions are available as optional extras, to create even more comfort. The mix of quality fabrics available also means it can accompany many of our ranges as an accent chair.   Henley Chair Orchid Blue   We love the natural wash of the rattan, which is hugely popular at the moment and gives the Henley range the modern twist it needs. Additionally, the quirky Scandinavian-style legs add a further modern twist to the Henley, which is one of the defining features that has really made it so popular. Everyone needs a cosy chair that they can relax and unwind in in their homes, and The Henley Chair is perfect. Comfortable, stylish and classic with a modern twist – we can see ourselves settling down in our Henley chair every Sunday with a cup of tea and a good book…   Henley in Orchid Blue_5505   Find out more about our fresh new indoor ranges here. If you have an interest in the Henley Chair, or you have any questions, please feel free to contact Desser on 0161 834 1795. You can also find out more about it on the product page, here.

We are happy to announce the arrival of a number of exciting new ranges out for 2017. We’ve just released all new ranges that offer a wide variety of styles, shapes, fabrics and patterns that you can choose from. You’re sure to find the perfect piece, whatever your layout and colour scheme. As part of their release, we have put together a few of our favourites for you to consider this year. but please bare in mind that as always, all of our suites come in a wide range of fabric options to suit any interior design scheme, and scatter cushions are available as optional extras, for added comfort. Please bare in mind that as always, all of our suites come in a wide range of fabric options to suit any interior design scheme, and scatter cushions are available as optional extras, for added comfort – so don’t be put off if the pictured pattern doesn’t match your home’s decor!

Chester Outdoor RangeDesser New Rattan Furniture Chester Range | Desser

Our new Chester suite has arrived in a striking Kubu Grey colour, giving a modern feel to accompany any contemporary interior design. To achieve this beautiful grey colour, the process that the cane wood goes through is a lot more complex than you might first think and it interestingly, involves burying it in the ground before shaping it into furniture. This sleek and stylish range is available in a 2 seater sofa, chair, coffee table, lamp table and a footstool – so you can get as much or as little of the range as your space will allow!

Harlow Indoor Range

Dessers New Rattan Furniture Harlow Range | Desser

The Harlow suite features an intricate diagonal weave in a natural wash finish, producing a very impressive and modern furniture piece. The upholstered arms make this one of our comfiest pieces. This eye-catching suit is sure to get your visitors talking for all the right reasons, and is available in a 3 or 2 seater sofa, chair, deluxe swivel rocker, coffee table, lamp table and footstool.

Madrid Light Oak Indoor Range

Dessers New Rattan Furniture Madrid light out suite shown in a bright orangery | Desser Our Madrid Light Oak suite features a ‘less is more’ approach, perfect for a contemporary design and in smaller spaces. It arrives with Light Oak rattan poles which have been laminated to give them a sleek and glossy finish. It’s triple frame laminated armrests make this range extra strong and durable while offering you more support and comfort. Ideal for an orangery or conservatory space, the Madrid Light Oak range is available with a 2 seater sofa, chair, coffee table, lamp table, footstool, and a deluxe swivel rocker.

York Indoor Range

lifestyle shot of Desser's York rattan range | Desser The York range has been described by our product testers as “a hug in a chair”, and is unarguably an extremely comfortable suite! It’s plump back cushions, along with the removable side cushions engulf you in your seat for optimal luxury and comfort. The delicately woven, detailed cane panels contrast beautifully with the sturdy polished arms that are sure to complement any room, whatever the decor. This range comes in a natural wash finish and is available with a 2 seater sofa, deluxe swivel chair, coffee table, lamp table and footstool.

Toronto Indoor Range

A view of a stylish garden from an orangery that is showcasing the Toronto rattan furniture range by Desser

Our Toronto suite arrives with a contrasting Natural frame, and Kubu Grey Infill. This fantastic combination of the two ensures this range will look great with any design or colour scheme, offering that little more on the eye. Its round weave oozes sophistication and is perfect for adding a contemporary style to either a modern living space or a more traditional conservatory. Our Toronto range is available in a 2 seater sofa, chair, coffee table, lamp table and footstool so make sure you don’t miss out whilst stocks last.

With the sun finally making a very well received appearance, summer really is just around the corner, and that means a whole lot more time spent outside.There is just something so exciting about dining or drinking your favourite tipple out in the open air; with this in mind now is the perfect time to start prepping your garden for the summer months ahead, and get it looking sun ready!   Big, small, no matter what size space you’ve got to play with, there is something out there for everyone. So take a look below, get inspired, and start showing your garden the TLC it deserves!   Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall Who Is The Fairest Of Them All?   You! …..   Prepare your garden to become the fairest of them all,   Mirroring your outside space to that of your interior can work seamlessly, creating a sophisticated, effortless look. Whilst this might not work for a quaint countryside cottage, it really does on a more contemporary, opulent designed house.   The Bliss Lounge Range would be perfect. Its elegant, gorgeous butter soft cream leather, paired with perfectly crafted rattan, just exudes class. Its weather-proof too, perfect for those typical, unsuspected rain showers the British summertime is renowned for. It would look equally good indoors however, adding a touch of chic to any living room. Desser Bliss Lounge Outdoor Range You should approach mirroring your outdoor space as you would any room in your home; thinking about the flow of traffic, and the way in which you wish to use the space. Design, like in any room is important, highlighting features of interest, colourings and only using top quality furniture to really give your open space that luxurious feel, without compromising on comfort. The Bliss Lounge Range is available in Brown or Natural finish as a 5 piece set, including: 2 seater sofa, 2 armchairs, side table and a stylish coffee table with removable glass that can double up as a footstool.   Size Isn’t Everything   (Trust us)     Whatever size you’re working with, sprucing up your outdoor space is still easily achievable   Whether you’re an inner city dweller with restricted space and access, or you share your outdoor space. Kitting out the area you do have with great furniture and a few decorative flourishings can change everything. Desser Outdoor Furniture Boston Range Meet the Boston Outdoor Range, your new (small) best friend. Compact yet stylish, because size shouldn’t impact on style, this adorable 5 piece is perfect for limited spaces. It can be stored away neatly in corners, and the stools handily tuck under the tables, providing easy storage. Complete with 4 stools it’s big enough to entertain those that mean most to you, meaning you can still enjoy your outdoor space, no matter what your size.   Go Classic   Sometimes sticking to what we know is just for the best.   A chic, classic style of garden furniture can completely refresh an outdoor space. Choosing a timeless piece lets the furniture do all the talking, with the beauty lying in the simplicity of it all. Desser's Atlanta range with woven top table combo The Atlanta Range is just this. Sure to add the ‘wow’ factor to your patio with just one 5 piece set, it’s stylish yet practical. Particularly useful for those with large families, or who like to entertain a lot, it’s spacious with interchangeable features, suited to your preferences and lifestyle. From the bench that would be perfect for little arms and legs to rest on; or the choice of wooden or glass table area, creating your ideal garden space has never been so easy, minimal effort, for maximum rewards. What’s not to like?   Go Round   All too often people stick within the strictly square box when it comes to garden furniture.   Tables majority of the time tend to hang around long after we do, (excuse the sinister turn) but sometimes we stick with our furniture because we’re afraid to take the plunge, or ‘there isn’t anything wrong with it’ – and that’s exactly the point, what is right with it? Your furniture might not work with your current surroundings, and furniture is key to the design of a space, particularly outdoors.   If conversation is an art shouldn’t we encourage it? Round tables do just this, whilst also ensuring everyone can hear and see each other clearly, what’s not to love? Desser's 3 piece Olympia range on a garden patio The Olympia range does all this, but with a modern twist. The stylish slightly off round, slightly triangular point feature allows for maximum interaction without compromising on style. A round table offers a large amount of visual space, enhancing your outdoor area and allowing the table to take centre stage. The glass feature on this particular set emphasises this even more, really opening up the space. This set works best on spacious, clean cut outdoor spaces giving off minimalistic vibes without negotiating on style, socialising, and comfort.

An outdoor space that some people should be making great use of, in addition to a conservatory or garden, is their terrace. As the weather heats up, this presents you with the perfect opportunity to revitalise your terrace and transform it into the perfect safe haven, amid the bustling urban surroundings.  We’ve put together a few tricks to help you make the most of a small terrace this summer.   Position Plants Effectively The clever planting of different plants is sure to transform any terrace, no matter what size. Careful positioning of lush green plants, especially around the edges, will create a fresh and airy garden feel without taking too much away from the space you have to work with. You could use a climber or rambler, as well as a few small ornamental trees. You could also use the greenery to create privacy for your terrace. A neat leafy privacy screen of bamboo will not only shelter you from onlookers,, but it adds colour and character to the space. Alternatively, a gentle screen of long swaying grass provides some privacy and an illusion of a rural feel, offering the perfect environment to relax on a nice day.   Don’t Go Crazy With Colour When there is limited space, it’s always best to stick to a restricted range of colours rather than going overboard, where everything can end up looking far too busy. When it comes to plants, it’s perfectly fine to introduce colours, but try and stick to just two different types. In terms of everything else, try and use similar colours for flooring, furniture and fencing rather than having everything clashing. It should also be noted that using lighter colours as opposed to darker ones can give the illusion of a larger space by opening it up, instead of giving it a closed, gloomy feel. Hampton with tan lavastone table | Desser Scale Up, Not Down When dealing with a small area, it can be very tempting to try and fit many smaller items into the space, however the opposite will have a far more dramatic effect. Less really is more in this case, and fewer larger items will go a long way. For example, rather than trying to cram numerous little plants onto the terrace, use a couple of larger statement plants instead which will make it feel much bigger as it won’t look cluttered. Taller pieces will also add height to the terrace, drawing your visitor’s eyes up, again giving the illusion of a larger space.   Keep It Cosy A terrace should be somewhere that you can feel safe, relax, and retreat from hectic day to day life. Therefore, it’s important to create a space that is welcoming and cosy. Furniture is probably one of the most important aspects, so choose pieces that will be comfortable yet aesthetically pleasing. Corner sofa pieces are perfect for saving space, such as in our Hampton Outdoor Range pictured below. Add some cushions, throws, fairy lights and candles to create your perfect safe haven. To find the perfect patio furniture for your terrace, conservatory or garden come down and visit our showroom to view the full range. Here you’ll discover that we have the best rattan furniture in Manchester for you to choose from.

A conservatory is a fantastic space that provides you with an additional room in your house. There are so many different things you can do with this space, and what’s best for you and your house will vary depending on your needs as a family. We’ve put together a few different ideas that you could use to help you make the most of your conservatory…

Image of a conservatory with Desser's Vale range on display.

Dining Room

Being able to sit around the table as a family for meal times is so important, and a conservatory gives you the perfect opportunity to create a separate dining room where you can do this. The scenic views from the garden and the natural lighting will present you with the perfect outdoor dining experience, without having to worry about battling the British weather. Whether you need a formal space for Christmas and dinner parties, or just somewhere to enjoy eating every day, you can transform your conservatory into the ideal space.


Transforming your conservatory into a gym is not only a great way to get some exercise in the comfort of your own home, but you can also save money on a gym membership in the process. The bright and open feel of the conservatory will be sure to get you motivated, and you won’t have to worry about feeling self-conscious that anyone is watching you as you work out.

Sun Room

Using your conservatory as a room where you can soak up the sun is probably the most obvious choice when deciding what to do with space. Unpredictable British weather means that opportunities to relax outside in the sunshine are few and far between. A conservatory is a perfect place to make the most of the sun’s rays, without having to actually go outside when it’s a little too crisp. Add some comfy rattan furniture, a coffee table and lots of lush green plants… and voila!

Dining Table Set in a Glass Conservatory


If you often work from home, or simply just need a quiet space to study and get some work done, then turning your conservatory into an office could be the answer. The fact they’re separated from the rest of the house means that you can focus with few distractions. The light and airy aura is perfect for providing a tranquil, refreshing environment where you can be productive. In addition, the separation of the office from the main house has it’s added bonuses, rather than an office taking up a room inside, as you will feel like you can separate work and play.