Month: February 2017

A conservatory is the perfect place for the whole family to take full advantage of the extra hours of sunshine as it gets closer to summer. If your conservatory is looking a little unloved and neglected from the winter months, then you should consider these steps to help you get it summer ready.


Before you can give your conservatory a deep clean, it makes sense to have a clear out and get rid of any clutter accumulated over the colder months. A good clear out will make the room look a lot tidier, more spacious and will be easier to keep on top of in the long run. It will also probably make you feel a lot better in general, after all; tidy home, tidy mind! Go through each draw, shelf or surface individually and divide everything into a keep or throw away piles. Be brutal, if you know you’ll never need or use an item then there’s no point it taking up valuable space.

Deep Clean

Now you have a clutter free conservatory, it’s time for a spring clean. Getting rid of any dust and dirt will make the room feel far more fresh and airy, which is exactly what you want for the warmer season. Gleaming windows are especially important, after all, the cleaner the windows the more precious sunshine they let in. A clean conservatory makes the perfect environment for your whole family to relax and an inviting room to entertain guests in during the summer months.

Cleaning Rattan Furniture Redecorate

If you think your conservatory could do with even more of a revamp, a lick of paint could be just what it needs to get it looking brand new again. Light, neutral tones are perfect for keeping with the fresh and airy feel and are timeless so they won’t go out of fashion in a few months. The conservatory is also a great place to introduce a pop of colour or floral patterns in the form of a feature wall or fabrics which will give the room a bright, summer edge. If you don’t already have blinds in your conservatory, it may be a good idea to invest in some. They’re great for giving you control over how much sunlight you wish to let into the room at any time, and also for privacy. Blinds can make a real difference to a conservatory especially as you have the freedom to chose patterned fabrics if you wish.


Replacing any old outdated furniture with new is a great way to revitalise your conservatory, especially as it will most likely be the main focus point of the room. Cane or rattan furniture are great choices for a conservatory. If new furniture is a little out of your budget, you can always smarten your current furniture up with new throws or cushions.

Finishing Touches

Finally, adding the finishing touches to your conservatory will be what makes it homely and personal to you. Using photo frames, canvases, vases, and candles will really transform a plain space into a charming and inviting room. For a conservatory, introducing lots of plants and flowers are important to add colour and brighten up the room, by bringing the outdoors inside. After all, a conservatory is an extension of the garden. Once you’ve done a little research and chosen plants that will work well with the environment inside your conservatory, don’t forget to water them often to keep them looking fresh and healthy.

Having a well-kept outdoor space that you can relax in is so important especially for those summer months, no matter what size it is. If you look after your garden properly, it can become a great outdoor space that the whole family can enjoy, whether it’s breakfast outdoors, lounging in the sun, barbecues or just a safe place for your children to play. We’ve put together a number of essential steps to help you plan ahead and get your garden in tip-top condition as we approach the warmer months.

Taking Care Of Your Lawn

A lush green lawn can really make a garden, so make sure yours is up to scratch. Start by digging out any weeds, aiming to remove them from the root so that they don’t grow back. Next, aerate your lawn which will allow your grass to breath and help the water and nutrients to reach the root systems easily. Then rake the lawn in order to remove any unwanted debris that can block the sun from reaching the grass or water from reaching the roots. Use a fertiliser to make sure your grass is as green and healthy as possible. Finally, reseed any bare patches. To maintain your lawn make sure it is mowed and watered regularly.

Reviving Your Garden

To get rid of any dirt or moss build up around the garden, a quick and easy option is to use a jet wash. These can be hired if you don’t own one, and can be used on decking, flag stones and bricks – you’re sure to be amazed at the difference it makes. You should also be sure to pay attention to anything else that may be in need of a good clean after the winter conditions, such as the barbeque or benches and other garden furniture. If the fence or shed are looking a little tatty and run down, a fresh coat of paint can work wonders in bringing them back to life and making them look crisp again. Make sure to treat them afterwards to keep them looking fresh for longer.

Finishing Touches

Start by getting rid of anything that you know you don’t need or won’t use anymore to minimise clutter and to stop your garden looking untidy. The outdoor furniture you choose is likely to be the main focus point, as it will be central when entertaining guests or just dining al fresco as a family. Introducing hanging baskets or plant pots filled with summer plants will add colour and really brighten up your garden. Solar lights are perfect for creating the perfect atmosphere to relax in your garden when the sun starts to go down, whether you choose fairy lights or lanterns they’re sure to make all the difference. Placing tea lights into jam jars is a cheap but effective way of creating an ambience if you’re hosting a garden party or barbeque. It could also be a good idea to invest in a gazebo. This way even if the unpredictable British weather does happen to catch you out, you won’t have to take the party in doors.

As those dreadful, cold winter days are slowly starting to fade, people are gradually coming around to the idea of updating their current living spaces. With sales on industry-wide, people are flocking to see what bargains they can pick up whilst stocks last. However, a sofa is a big purchase and as exciting as it may be, it’s a decision that needs a great deal of thought – you don’t want to panic buy something only to be stuck with it for months to come! Therefore, here at Desser, we’ve put together a quick buying guide to ensure you find the perfect rattan range for you! Stamford Lifestyle 2
  1. Don’t Settle When It Comes To Quality

Whilst to some extent you can only spend within your means, you don’t want to settle on the quality of your suite. The problem is, if you invest in the cheapest option you’re always likely to get a poor quality piece of furniture that either isn’t practical, isn’t comfortable or just won’t last long. If you need to save for that extra month, then it’s definitely worthwhile or better yet, take advantage of the clearance sales! Our upholstered rattan suites are all British made with sprung seats and backs as well as robust rattan materials. Each set is subjected to thorough testing to ensure that wear and tear aren’t an issue. We take pride in the comfort we offer, ensuring that all pieces are made from superior grade fabrics and cushioning. We’ve been proudly running since 1919 and we’ve only been able to do that because of the high level of quality we offer in our products.
  1. Finding Your Style

Getting the perfect set relies on you finding that piece that screams you. It will always depend on what sort of person you are, what you like, your needs, what your interior is like and just your general taste as a whole. An orangery or conservatory gives you the ideal opportunity to try and new style. A new canvas away from the rest of your house’s interior, you’ve now got the chance to invest in a piece that will kick-start a whole new look for you. Investing in those natural rattan and wicker materials will immediate transfer your space into a warmer, cosier climate. Purpose built for a sun-filled room, they are the ideal solution for your back room. With all of the fabrics you can pick from, not only can you find the range you want but you can also pick the pattern and style you love. Designed for style and practicality, our fabrics are unrivalled for any modern or classic room. Remember – it’s all about the colour, texture, suitability and practicality.
  1. Comfort

When you’re choosing a new sofa, as silly as it sounds, take in account how you sit normally. What we mean by this is are you sloucher do you prefer a more posture pleasing upright position? If you pick ranges with a higher back then they naturally lend themselves to those who seek support in their head and neck, giving the most comfort in a more upright position. If you’re more a ‘love to laze’ type person, then look for ranges with more cushioning or altering that you can add more scatter cushions too, to ensure that you can sink into a nest of comfort.
  1. The Clean Up

In a family environment keeping any room clean and tidy is a hard enough job. The living spaces are always the highest traffic rooms so keeping your sofa clean is highly important. That’s why we make sure every suite is made with you in mind. Not only are our rattan ranges durable but they are easy to maintain and wipe clean. Once more, we offer Aquaclean fabrics but are the solution for all of your cleaning nightmares. No longer do you have to worry about only being able to get certain colours in fear of your children ruining them. Aquaclean fabrics offer you protection from stains and spillages and what’s even better is that they come in wide range of beautiful designs. All you need to do is wash any spillages off with water and you’re back to new. his includes tea and coffee, red wine, felt pen, coke and chocolate! The treatment is invisible and does not affect texture, colour, or smell. Hopefully, this will have helped you to consider all of the elements that you need to in order to make your new and exciting purchase. You can also read our in-depth rattan furniture buying guide to give you, even more, advice before making your purchase.

If you’re looking to decorate your conservatory but can’t decide what direction to go in, we’re here to help. You’re likely to spend a lot of time in there as it gets closer to summer, so it’s important that you create a space that you can enjoy and relax in. We’ve pulled together our top 4 favourite conservatory decor themes for you to consider, so whether you’re starting from scratch or just revamping, there is something for every style and budget. Burford Rattan Furniture Lifestyle Shot

Shabby Chic

Shabby chic is such a popular theme due to it’s timeless and elegant feel. It is ideal for a conservatory as it accentuates the fresh, delicate and pretty aura of the garden. The colour scheme to go for here is cream or off white as a base colour, with the occasional pastel colour or vintage floral pattern. Opt for white rattan furniture and accessorise with decor items such as photo frames, vases, lanterns and wild flowers dotted around the room. Add a throw, a couple of scatter cushions and drape some fairy lights to complete the look.


Introducing a tropical theme into your conservatory is a great way to showcase your colourful personality, especially if you want to achieve a fresh and breezy beach vibe. Opt for bold prints to stand out against earthy rattan furniture as a base. This theme is all about textures, natural materials and vibrant colours, so focus on exotic woods, coral, palm trees, shells and bamboo. Make sure you use lots of plants and flowers throughout to emphasise the airy, light and natural feel of the room.


Monochrome Kitchen And Patio Area | Blog | Desser The monochrome style is very modern and minimalistic, with a contrasting black and white colour scheme throughout. Make sure you keep clutter to a minimum to comply with the fresh and open ambience. Stick to white furnishings and floors and add dramatic black statement accessories like cushions or vases. There is always the option to add that extra something to draw attention, such as an animal print rug or inject a pop of colour by introducing a single bright cushion, one coloured wall or a coloured lampshade. You can play around with this theme to make it as interesting and vibrant as you wish, especially seen as it is so easy to change around and alter.


This theme is ideal for spring/summer and is the perfect way to incorporate your garden into your home, essentially bringing it inside. A subtle statement floral wallpapered wall does this wonderfully, especially when coupled with rattan furniture and warm colours. However, introducing a floral twist to your conservatory can be as easy as placing down a rug, putting up some curtains or finding the perfect floral statement chair rather than redecorating.