Month: January 2017

  Typically, January is the worst month for weather that Britain gets, especially for your garden. That being said, it is the first month of the year so that means it’s the first month to start preparing your garden for the summer. There is always something you can be doing in your garden, whether it’s tidying or pruning, it’s just about doing what you can during the miserable times. So, to give you a helping hand on what you should get started with, we’ve put this checklist together of what to get begin with in January!   Your Flowers flowers-361456_960_720
  • If you have a Wisteria plant starting pruning it now. It’s recommended that you cut it back 2 or 3 buds.
  • You will also want to start pruning your rose bushesnow as they are dormant. The advice would be to cut back to just above a bud and remove the branches which are dead or crossing over one another.
  • Start planting your bare root rosesnow! If you’re wanting the wonderful colour in the summer, place them in an area where they will catch a lot of sun.
  • Think about growing the Alstroemeria (Peruvian Lily) if you are wanting something a bit more unusual in your garden.
  • You should start to clip your ornamental grasses within a few centimeters of the ground before they get into a fresh period of growth.
  • Cut down the stems that are old from perennial plants like Sedum – but be wary of any new growth.
  • To make sure that new blooms are visible when they emerge in the spring, try removing the old Hellebore leaves.
  • If you brightly colored willows, try cutting back the oldest and overcrowded stems.
  • To prevent and winter pansies from setting seed, remove and faded flowers.
  Your Greenhouse greenhouse 
  • It can be very easy for glass to become damaged. To overcome this, make sure you brush any heavy snow off of greenhouses and cold frames.
  • To prevent frost from killing the foliage in your potato planters make sure they are kept inside.
  • If you are wanting some stunning indoor flowers when spring comes around, you should start planting Amaryllis bulbs now.
  • To allow for better seed germination, think about getting electric propagators which will help your early seedlings along.
  Your Grass  
  • The primary point to remember with grass is to not walk on the lawn when it is covered in frost or snow, as this can seriously damage the grass underneath.
    From the Comfort of Your Sofa  
  • Assess what the plans are for your garden and start ordering your seeds.
  • If you are wanting to try something different this year and grow fruit, you will need to order you fruit trees now so they can be planted in the spring.
  • If you are planning on including Fuchsia, Geraniums or Lobelia, start ordering your hanging baskets now so you’re prepared for the busy spring period.
    The Miscellaneous Jobs Around Your Garden  
  • Your patio can become very grimy, to overcome this, blast with a pressure washer or scrub with a broom.
  • Keep up with planting trees and shrubs while they are still dormant.
  • If you have ericaceous plants which are reliant on water that contains acid, then think about getting water butts. These can gather rain water and will be great when you need to water these plants.
  • Start removing any dirt and grime on your outdoor furniture that’s developed over the winter by using mild soap and water.
  • Check any Dahila tubers in storage for any signs of rotting, and remove the ones which have been affected.
  • Keep your empty pots in a good state by scrubbing them with water and soap so they are ready for fresh plants.

The January Furniture Show | Desser   We’re attending the January Furniture Show! In just over a weeks time, we’re pleased to announce that we will be attending this year’s nationally loved, January Furniture Show. The show is widely debated as one of the most important events in the furniture industry calendar year and we’d love it if you’d come to visit us at our stall. Held at the NEC in Birmingham, the show is a 4-day event that fills the NEC’s 5 major halls as well as displaying over 500 exhibitors. Each year the show allows you to discover all the UK’s major upholstery and furniture suppliers, not to mention brands that showcase the latest accessories, flooring, fabrics and lighting products. In addition, there are exhibitors showcasing their newest ranges from around the world so we’re overjoyed to be included in such a widely renowned event. Showing off our newest 2017 collections including the latest fabrics as well as suites additions, we’ve put together a really contemporary and unique stall that you simply must see! January Furniture Show Stall Detail For Desser We also have some snacks and little treats on offer as well so if you’re feeling peckish you can find us at the above location!

So now we’re in 2017, and it’s evident that style preferences for indoor and outdoor seating furniture has become completely interchangeable. Outdoor seating arrangements have completely been influenced by interior living spaces, taking into account factors such as form and function – novel, contemporary designs, constructed with fashionable but resilient materials. Gardens are now perceived as extended living rooms; when we come up to the spring and summer months of this year, everyone will begin to relish the opportunity to spend more time lounging in style outside than in. Outdoor seating has evolved significantly, with these modern arrangements being inexpensive enough to be feasible for most domestic households – gone are the days of owning a rudimentary table and chair patio set up that is made of plastic or cast iron materials. In 2017, comfort is an essential factor to choosing the perfect external seating arrangement for your home. We have expanded our range of outdoor furniture, maximising comfort and relaxation with new sofa and recliner sets, whilst remaining true to our unequivocally British influences in style. Desser Outdoor Furniture Boston Range If you’re looking for a seating arrangement that would be perfect for just dining with your friends and family, our Boston Outdoor range is perfectly designed to accommodate this, with it being a 5-piece set with the stools being designed so that they can easily be tucked away after you’re done eating, offering easy storage. If you’re anticipating your garden to have the wow factor when your friends arrive at your next garden party, then our new larger Atlanta Outdoor range is definitely our recommendation, offering a great array of customisation, with 8 different kinds of fabrics to choose from for the lounge chair and bench. Year on year, our ever-expanding collection of seating arrangements evolve with higher quality through much more weather resistant fabrics. By offering a comfortable, lounge type environment outdoors, you’re helping to promote a cheerful, relaxed atmosphere where you can socialise with your friends and family – therefore it’s important to choose a design that is intended to be for conversational seating.