Month: October 2016


A wonderful thing about a conservatory is that it can be extremely versatile with its uses.

For instance, you may use it one night to relax and read your favourite book and on another

occasion it may be the spot for your children to have their playtime. The issue is though;

these types of activities are usually best for the summer months – as it seems when we’re in

winter our conservatories a little colder than normal! But this doesn’t have to be the case,

so we’ve put together the best ways to keep your conservatory nice and cosy in the winter


Get Blinds Fitted

Adding blinds into your conservatory can be hugely important during the winter months, as

they provide an energy saving and energy efficiency like no other. With specialist fabrics you

can find your conservatory keeping warm in and cold air out. Ideally, curtains would be

better for this, but it can be difficult to match curtains to the styling and décor of

conservatories. Therefore, to make the conservatory cosier you can use pleated blinds. The

reason for this is that they are made from a thicker fabric which means they can do a better

job of blocking out the heat – and as a wonderful bonus they look beautiful too!

Portable Heaters

Another wonderful way to keep your conservatory cosy is by adding more heat it by getting

some well-designed portable heaters. However, it is important to make sure that you get an

electrical heater instead of one that is reliant on gas. This is because the electrical ones are

much safer and all it will take is an easy flick of the switch to add a little warmth into back to

your conservatory this winter.

Add Some Candles, Cushions and Covers

Without a doubt, these 3 additions will make sure your conservatory is significantly cosier in

the winter. You can place some candles around the room to set a nice relaxed mood – and if

you’re a fan of the extra aromas – you can get some scented ones too! Also, by placing

some cushions and covers over your rattan furniture, you are instantly transferring the set

through from summer to winter, whilst also making sure you’re extra comfy.

Today, rattan garden furniture is the most preferred choice when it comes to a person picking their patio furniture. Despite how amazing and practical these rattan furniture suites are, if you’ve previously opted for a lower quality one, it may now be showing signs of wear and tear. Outdoor furniture is not always easy to clean and cheaper sets can get damaged due to exposure from sunlight and rain. It is at this point that we’d encourage you to look at a new suite but if you’re currently not in the position to afford a new one, we’ve listed some tips on how you can restore your set below.
  1. Examine and Assess

First of all, you should start by giving your rattan garden furniture a thorough examination. Remove any cushions that you may have and place the suite where there is a good source of light to allow you to check exactly what is worn or damaged. Next, you need to assess the damage and make the decision of whether it could just be cleaned, if it needed a coat of paint or if it needs to be replaced. You’ll need to see if there is any damage in the frame and also check if there are any parts where the wicker weave is damaged or has loosened.
  1. Cleaning The Rattan

The next step it to start cleaning the rattan. For cleaning, use a stiff bristled brush or a toothbrush to scrub away all of the dirt and grime. You could also use the vacuum brush attachment to the clean the furniture. Once the brushing is out of the way, make a solution of warm water and dish washing soap and using a soft sponge clean the furniture. Wipe the furniture down using a rag and clean water. Do not hose or use excess water soaking the furniture as it might damage the rattan.
  1. Glue Those Loose Pieces

Check for loose strands around the leg and other regions. Use an epoxy glue or super glue to secure it back in place. May sure you don’t use an excess amount as you don’t want to spoil the appearance of the wicker work, therefore you need to ensure you wipe away any spillages or bubbles.
  1. Replace and Weave Strands

In case the unfortunate case that you come across any strands that are beyond repair and ultimately that are cutting through the frame, you may have to replace it with a new strand. You can buy wicker strips for this purpose from some manufacturers or craft store. If you decide to do this, then make sure you soak the wicker strips for 1/2 an hour in water so that it is easier to manipulate. Following this, remove the worn piece and cut just above the damaged region. You will then be able to measure the length of rattan that needs to be replaced. Always add 2 inches to the desired length to be safe and cut. Finally, you now just need to weave it back into the same pattern. This may be quite hard to do, depending on the complexity of your suite but you can use glue to keep your weave in place.
  1. Add Paint and Varnish

The last step to take Is to paint your furniture. Spray paint typically works well as it covers all the little hidden bits the eye will miss. You can finish off your work by coating it with a lacquer for that finished look or you can spray primer to the piece and let it dry for 24 hours, and then repaint with white paint. Finally, complete the look with a coat or two of varnish in order to restore a natural and authentic look to the material.

Patterns are a wonderful thing and they can immediately brighten any room or interior décor. It allows you to add character to any space and with the wide range of amazing patterned fabrics we have available, we’ve put together this list for inspiration.

Match Your Furniture to Your Rug 

A brilliant way to create a scheme for your room is to use a patterned rug as your foundation. Pick out the key colours from the piece and then work your fabrics around it. Chose from our fabrics to ensure that the designs offer a similar tone and theme. You can emphasis those accent colours in your room or you can add harmony by picking out those subtle elements of colour. It is also worthwhile in a patterned room to keep the curtains or blinds to a plain colour to soften the look and remove the risk of too much contrast occurring.

Make That StatementArlington Lifestyle Couch with flowered pattern

A clever way to show off your patterns is to choose statement piece that offers a strong design. Take the Arlington shown here, for example, the bold paisley esk’ print on the suite creates a defining and show-stopping aesthetic. Mix that with some picturesque artwork or soft cushions that complement the pattern and you’ve got yourself a winning combination. It works so well because the colours thrive together, and the plain but strong accessories add harmony to the look.

In Fuse Some Natural Elements into The Theme

If you’re someone who has a passion for all things colour why not give your living room or conservatory a boost of pattern with a simple bunch of flowers. You can especially use our unique grade A and D fabrics to match the petal colour to your suite or cushions. This is an easy way you can introduce bright shades to work well with the more delicate colours on the wall and curtains behind.

Incorporate Accessories

Dessers Stamford Cameo Shot of a pattern rattan suite with a draped rug Patterns can be layered in many ways, and not just by fabrics or wallpaper. Here, the simple addition of the plain throw over the patterned Stamford range  adds, even more, interest to this piece and elegant room. Rugs, planters and vases are also a great way to add some extra bits of pattern to the space. They are all simple additions that can be easily added or switch in and out when you want to go for a new look.  

Now that the colder days are here, our minds begin to drift back to that summer sun and those fun times spent together with family in the garden. With just a few months left of this year, you will slowly start to think more and more about next year’s plans and how you can make the most of the warm weather. Maybe this summer you didn’t have the outdoor setup that you wanted, maybe you grew tired of pulling chairs in and out of the shed or maybe you just didn’t have the right furniture to accommodate for the whole family? Whatever the reason in 2017 that doesn’t have to be the case. We have just released our brand new 2017 outdoor furniture collection and we’re really excited about it! So to give you some inspiration for your new year purchases, take a look at our amazing new ranges and see our top picks from the new releases.

The Atlanta

Desser's Atlanta range with woven top table combo Made from weatherproof synthetic rattan, the L-shaped Atlanta suite is perfect for accommodating to large groups of friends or family. You can also choose from a number of stylish fabrics to create your own personalised, beautiful setting that allows you to enjoy countless evenings in comfortable on.

The Georgia

Desser Georgia Range New For 2017 Complete the range with the additional stools and armchairs to get this amazing set. Aside from how great the Georgia suite looks, the range is highly practical for those of you with bigger families. With enough seating for everyone, outdoor dining will be a daily occurrence!

The Dakota

Dessers Dakota 3seater & rattan chair combo If you’re looking for an update in regards to your rattan garden furniture, then look no further. Those flimsy, hard garden chairs can become a thing of the past with this new Dakota range. Ideal for those of you that want to sit out and bask in the sun, this range offers an unrivalled level of comfort that will make relaxing after a long day an effortless task.

The Olympia

Dessers Olympia Outdoor Furniture Range The standout range that offers unparalleled elegance and beauty, we bring you the Olympia. Not to be missed, you can sit and savour your days in this sophisticated, classy collection all summer long. Designed with socialising in mind, this circular set brings everyone together so you can catch up and enjoy their company in the picture-perfect setting.