Month: June 2016

Those peaceful summer nights and lovely warm days in the company of friends and family are what summer is all about. After an underwhelming spring, its more than likely that you’ve not given your outdoor areas enough attention over the last few months. Hosting the perfect evening with everyone eating food or drinking underneath those glorious rays is only complete with a well-kept patio area! Below we have listed the top tips that will get your patio ready and in shape for all of the fun filled times that are coming. Continue Reading

Despite the typical summer showers we’ve experienced this week, we should hopefully expect to see some more sun this summer (although that is never a guarantee here in the UK!). However, when that glorious sun is shining, in true British fashion we are straight outside and into our gardens. Instead of trying to awkwardly relax on those stiff outdoor chairs you’ve dug out and dusted off from the shed, why not create a wonderful outdoor living room in your garden? Continue Reading

Your conservatory or living room is typically the main place where you will entertain all of your guests, friends or family, which is why your rattan sofa set needs to look good and be cosy at the same time. To help you create the perfect setting for socialising or relaxing after a hard days work, we’ve listed some top tips on how to achieve a stylish sofa setting! Continue Reading