Year: 2016

Summer is only around the corner and it now won’t be long till we are enjoying the sun. Last year we started to see outdoor living area’s being introduced into the UK. With people wanting to relax and take full advantage of the weather from dawn til dusk, it’s no longer unusual to see dining tables and cane and rattan furniture being dragged outside. A modern scale of outdoor living | desser

The Inside, Outside

The trend that started in 2016 provides an elegant living space outdoors where many people are taking the opportunity to work in, eat a spot of lunch, or just to put their feet up and relax. Its invertible that this year will be a mirror image, and we now expect to see more and more living area’s making their way in to people’s gardens.

Choosing the Right Furniture

With the new 2017 furniture range now released, the collection compliments any outdoor living area. The amazing new range give a feel of elegancy. Below are our top picks that we recommend you take a look at.  

The Madison Range madison-lifestyle

Manufactured from synthetic rattan, the Madison range is an excellent choice for furnishing your outdoor living area. The Madison range offers beautiful elegance, giving you the chance to relax and enjoy company in the perfect setting.

The Boston Range

Boston The Boston range is excellent for pulling into your living space to enjoy a spot of lunch. You can also choose from a number of fabrics, which is great for designing and creating your very own setting.

At this point every year, we all start to think the coming new year and what it will hold for us! When it comes to interiors, it can sometimes be difficult to keep up with all the various trends that come in and out of ‘fashion’ year after year, and to predict what will be in style in the coming months! One thing that you can always guarantee will change is colour palettes. In this blog, we’re looking into the colours that we predict are going to be popular in 2017.


dusky bloe Who said feeling blue has to be a bad thing? Dusky blue hues that recall the colours of the seaside will feature heavily in 2017.


sunshine yellow What other colour reminds you of the seaside? Bright, sunshine yellow of course! This daring shade is set to dominate interior spaces in the coming year, adding a little positivity to homes up and down the country.


slate grey A little moodier than the previous options, slate grey is the perfect accompaniment to a bright yellow. Grey in general has been growing in popularity year on year, but 2017 will be the year for darker, duskier hues.


taupe beige Beige often gets a bit of a tough time when it comes to interiors – seen as boring or drab. We however, really disagree with this harsh stereotype. Taupe beige is going to rise is popularity in 2017, because it’s such a versatile and warm shade.


green To balance the taupe, earthy greens will make an appearance in many interior spaces next year. It makes for a wonderful floral feature wall or statement piece of furniture. Luckily, here at Desser we have fabrics in a huge variety of colours, patterns and designs. So, no matter what your style or preferred colour palette, we can provide the furniture choices that will be perfect for you and your home.

If you’ve been neglected your garden furniture set up over the last years, what better time than now to update your outdoor space? Here at Desser, we feel like you deserve to treat yourself so with the new year just around the corner, why not start thinking about refreshing your outdoor furniture? To give you a helping hand, we’ve put together some of the rattan garden furniture trends so you’ve got an idea of what to buy in 2017.

Better Materials

Expect to see an uplift in new garden furniture materials such as resin weave, that will once again prove to be popular next year due to their low maintain USP. The weaves themselves will still boast that classic style and look of natural, organic wicker but the material is specially designed to cope with varying weather. The lightweight aluminium frames they’re built with not only make the suite robust but always means they’re easy to move around if you’re catering to those extra guests.

Eating Al Fresco 

Today eating Al Fresco is once again as popular as it used to be back in the 60s. Now, people love getting into their garden and treating it as an extension of their indoors. This is something that furniture retailers have acted on, which has led to a new generation of furniture trends to elevate people’s dining experience. In 2017, it will be more than just the simple eating outside that we’re used to. Now it’ll be about creating that special place where you can entertain as well as eat. A space that will double up as a dining table as a place to relax and lounge about on. Therefore, you should expect to see furniture that meets the demands of practically but also offers a high level of style, design and flexibility to your needs – exactly what you can see in our fantastic new Atlanta range.Atlanta with lavastone table combo | Desser

Furniture Delivery

After finding that ideal piece that is perfect for your home you’ll want to have it home as soon as its ready. When you buy anything, everyone knows you want it at the first possible chance so that’s why here at Desser, our efficient delivery team are on hand to get your suite to you at the first possible opportunity. All you have to do is sit and relax until your range arrives.

Rattan Garden Furniture Accessories

Now like any interior or exterior big purchase you make, they’ll always be little accessories you can buy that compliment and take your purchase to the next level. Next year expect to see people indulging on those finishing touches, adding lanterns, rugs and cushions to match their new outdoor room aesthetic. Whether they’re accented colour additions or an extra table or foot rest, the general theme will be once again about creating this safe haven environment so you can enjoy the weather as well as time with family all in one place.

It’s typical around this time of the year before the new year kicks in that we all start to look back on the year we’ve had. With only a few weeks left now of 2016, we thought we’d review the year and take a look at what our most popular ranges have been in 2016. From the Windsor to the Vale, we’ve listed the top 5 best-selling suites here, so take a look!  
  1. The WindsorDesser Windsor Rattan Furniture Suite

In at 5, we have the classic, quintessentially British Windsor suite. With effortless beauty, this range is a lightweight and versatile option that is perfect for your conservatory. With added comfort and extra support, it is no wonder why it is a tried and test favourite.  
  1. The Vale

Desser Vale Rattan Furniture RangeMore of a luxury suite, this is the space effective solution to your orangery or conservatory living space. Built with size as its main focus, it’s narrower than our normal suites, meaning that it can accommodate to those with limited space. With delicate cane detailing and a classic rattan Desser weave, this suite ticks all the boxes which is why it’s been so popular this year and we only continue to be.  
  1. The Corsica

Desser Corsica Rattan Range One that we’ve featured several times on the blog, the Corsica is a modular suite that gives you the ability to create your very own one of a kind suite. One of the main reasons why this range has been loved this year is because of its versatility. It comes in a combination of shapes and you can change your arrangement as frequently as you like to accommodate for your plans, redecoration or for those extra guests!  
  1. The Dijon

Desser Dijon Rattan Furniture Range One of our more modern ranges, the understated Dijon is a stunning range that offers class in its minimalism. With a classic core, soft lines and sweeping arms, this contemporary design look perfect in a new build or modern orangery. The Dijon has always been a top performer for us as it beautifully illustrates how a classic rattan can be reinvented and infused into a modern household.  
  1. The CliftonDesser Clifton Suite lifestyle image in a conservatory

If you read our ‘Why the Clifton Will Always Be a Classic’ post, you’ll know we have a soft spot for this range. Our top performer for two years on the run now, this traditional but uniquely crafted rattan weave is simply stunning. An ideal suite to unwind on after a long day, this range epitomises who we are a company, offering quality and reliable products to meet your interior needs.  

In 2016, rattan furniture reached its fashionable height, with retailers and interior and exterior lifestyle websites flocking to show off the latest ranges that echo those 50s & 60s styles. It was the year that was deemed the rattan renaissance, with this tough and versatile material making its full comeback with one dominant swoop. Rattan traditionally was imported from British colonies in the Far East during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Typically used in conservatories and back rooms as decorative additional side chairs or even an occasional table. Despite, how adored it was in its early days, it was clear that it wouldn’t last long if it was subjected to unpleasant conditions. This is why, in the last decade, outdoor garden furniture manufacturers looked began to weave garden suites and chairs in synthetic fibres as opposed to using just wood. By doing this, the furniture then would still offer that high level of comfort but could now stand the trials and tribulations of the outdoors. As we’ve discussed the difference previously, you should now know that synthetic rattan is a worldwide best seller. Most of the modern designs echo shapes of the standard living room, modular type sofas, or rounded chairs you’d expect to see within a home. Here at Desser, we’re proud of our synthetic sets and especially our newest lines with the 2017 modular Hampton and Atlanta ranges, which have been arranged into L-Shapes already flying out of our showroom. Perfect for your patios and terraces, these good-value, high in comfort suites are ideal for that well-needed garden retreat. Hampton with tan lavastone table | Desser To get the arrangement right for your right think about the group as a collective! Position the sofas and chairs in a conversational manner all facing each other in a square. This is the ideal setup for terrace just like it is in any sitting room. Complete the look with low central table for drinks or food and if you really want to add a designer’s touch of finesse, look to incorporate some subtle lighting or a central fire pit. Minimal maintenance is really what synthetic rattan’s biggest selling point is and when a quick spray with a garden hose is all that is needed to keep most pieces clean, it’s no wonder why. Quality manufacturers will now offer cushions made from quick-dry, waterproof covers just like our Aquaclean fabrics. Most standard cushions come in browns, neutrals and off-whites to complement the rattan, although we offer more colourful, waterproof, patterns and designs that give your more freedom and choice. When it comes to picking which colour of rattan that will ideally compliment the textures and tones of your terrace, don’t rush your decision. A grey or natural weave colour works well in traditional gardens and looks good on a wooden deck or York stone/chipped granite terrace. If it’s a roof top garden you have, spaghetti black weaves look great on a patio of brick or terracotta tiles background.

The Tips to Follow When Choosing the Right Rattan Piece

  • Always look for a tight weave that doesn’t have any rough corners or loose strands.
  • A strong frame is essential for strength and durability – aluminium typically works best.
  • Look for weaves and suites that come with UV protection.
  • When it comes to natural-coloured rattans, look for ones that have a variegation of colour along the length of each strand. They should also come with an irregular scraped surface which will give it a lifelike, duller but more natural look opposed to a shiny plastic appearance.

So with just over a month to go until the new year hits us, we thought that it’s now acceptable enough to take a look at what is forecast to the be the top trends of 2017. According to the latest predictions, it is clear to see that the underlying theme of them all is to bring the inside, out. Gardens are now being seen as extended living rooms, an added space for the whole family to enjoy. So to give you some inspiration going into the new beginnings that are just around the corner, we’ve put together some of the top new directions that gardens are going in!

The Seating ArrangementWinchester with tan lavastone table

Seating has moved on lightyears from just the simple table and upright chairs setup. Today, it is much more about finding that comfort, in a welcoming, lounge type environment. In 2017, we’ll see a continued focus on outdoor furniture sofa sets, however, we are now seeing much more recliner sets and even things like swing seats. With the evolving level of high quality, weather resistance fabrics, it’s going to all be about practical but stunning piece that you would typically see inside of a household.

More Affordable Lighting

Outdoor Fairy Lights | Garden Trends 2017 If you’ve not noticed already, it seems as those the nation has become obsessed with picturesque lighting, shown through the fact that most bars and restaurants are filling their places with fairy lights. Lighting as a whole is getting cheaper and it a lot more fun. There is a whole host solar powered, battery powered or even rechargeable lights on offer in all different shapes and sizes. Fairy lights can provide the perfect look and outline to the features in your garden and you can even get especially shaped ones to compliment the theme of your garden. Whether you hang them from trees or across your patio, they are a simple, inexpensive way to give you a lovely, warm, soft lighting effect to your space.

The Scandinavian StyleDesser's White Bliss Sunlounger

Very much the focus of the 2016 interior design trends, the minimalistic Scandinavian style swept the nation and looks like it’s making its way outside in 2017. The colour of choice appears to be a fresh white accent colour, with complimentary white washes in the surrounding decking, fences and decoration. Add a side table, some candles and a faux fur rug to complete the true Nordic style. When it comes to the flower side of the things, the Scandi style once again is a key theme, with planting getting softer and more romantic. The top sellers you’ll see are blousy pink Tulipa ‘Angélique’. Enormous blousy pink peonies like Paeonia lactiflora ‘Sarah Bernhardt’ fit the mood, or go for Hydrangea arborescens ‘Annabelle’, dripping with soft white flowers. Once again it is about the refined and minimalistic sophisticated look.

Cosy Conservatory In Winter Your living rooms and spaces are really the epicentres of your home over the cold, winter months. Ideal for a warm, comfy retreat, these rooms act as a welcome retreat after a long day of dealing with the unpleasant weather! To help you maximise that cosy feeling, we’ve put together these tips of features you should look to include in your home to make the most out of your space!  

Maximise That View

There’s nothing better than on a cold winters day than to be enjoying the outdoors from the comfort and more importantly warmth of your own chair. Ideal for those of you with orangery’s – position your rattan furniture arrangement next to your window or facing out of them so you can make the most of that beautiful scenery. Floor-to-ceiling windows or the now highly popular bi-folding doors are fantastic ways of maximising your view.  

Decide On Your Focal Point

The living room is the natural home for both the television and the fireplace. What is being tipped as a top interior design trend for 2017 is incorporating the two together in terms of being a focal point. This can be done by balancing the two together by placing the TV directly above the fireplace so they’re not competing as focal points. Following this, your living room arrangement cam then follow suit by logically grouping around the one focal point. This offers guest and your family to have one centred area where their eyes will naturally be drawn into.  

Get Cosy with Some New Fabrics & Textiles

A give for when its bitter outside – snuggle up by making sure you have plenty of cushions and throws to ensure your living room feels wonderfully cosy. Your furniture might be old and worn so it might be time to be updated your pieces. With a new upholstered fabric on your suite, you can match your accessories match. This also gives you a simple way of updating your space for the season at hand without having to redecorate fully.  

Create a Wonderful Window Seat

A living room is a perfect place for a window seat. It not only provides a place to sit and admire the outside view but the cushions can actually help to reduce draughts coming in through the windows. A great place to delve into a book, you can relax in comfort whilst being surrounded by the wonderful winterland outside. If you have the capability, when designing your window seat, make sure you take full advantage of the space by incorporating under-seat storage, or by adding holes for hidden a radiator.

Orangeries are something which can be more associated with the renaissance era, but in the 21st century it has now become the perfect home extension that lets the outside in. Much like conservatory, the room is designed specifically to let in an abundance of light and brighten up the home.


What Is The Difference Between A Conservatory And An Orangery?

An orangery is very similar to a conservatory. However, instead of being primarily using glass on the outside, they tend to be more similar to an extension. Usually with bricks and a flat roof that has a piece of glass centrally at the top.

The combination of less glass and more brickwork makes and orangery the perfect choice for winter use. They can be made to feel cosier, and less cold temperatures can come through the window glazing.


There a number of ways you can design your orangery for it to be a wonderful addition to your home. See below some of our ideas:


Open It Up to Your Patio

When building your orangery, it can be a good idea to try and have it matching with your outdoor space. This can be done by adding some French doors that can be opened up to have a seamless flow between your outdoors and indoors. An additional way to make sure this is enhanced is by having your cane furniture outside following the same tone and colour as what you are using indoors.

cane chairs in an orangery

Integrate It with Another Room

You don’t always have to use an orangery as an extension and a separate room to your home. Often when we are asking the question what is an orangery, people picture an almost separate room. Instead, you can use an orangery roof with a high apex at the top of your dining room. This is a way to really brighten up the space and create an open feel in the room. If you already have adequate space for a dining room, you have lots of other options for what you can do for the orangery. You could even use it as a bathroom!

Get Creative

One of the fantastic aspects of an orangery is that you can get creative with how you choose to design the architecture. With a conservatory, your options are minimised. This is because you are primarily dealing with glass and this usually means the room shape has to be square or rectangular. However, with an orangery the brickwork means you can get choose to get a chimney wall built in to create more of a cosy feel and create a focal point for the room.

Fireplace in orangery room

Bring the Outdoors Indoors

So, what is an orangery? Well, it’s one of the greatest ways to bring your outdoors into your home. By following a natural theme with the colours and décor chosen in other rooms, you can create a consistent flow from room to room. If you want to create a different vibe, then you can always decorate it completely differently to the rest of your home.

Pastel colours always work well, especially when teamed with natural wood flooring and soft furnishings. They give vibrancy and light to the room while also keeping it subtle and tranquil. To really make the most of the space, include plenty of greenery which will also help with purifying the air.

House plant by the window

For more information on any of our products, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our attentive team.

For many of us, we have a wonderfully sized outdoor space but we often don’t fulfil its potential in terms of what we do with it. Frequently, we can find ourselves using the basic patio dining table and chairs – which are certainly a good choice – but there are certainly better ways to manage your outdoor space to make it a more desirable space to spend some time and relax in.

Get Some Comfortable Sofas

Desser's 3 piece Olympia range on a garden patio A great way for you to utilise your outdoor space is by getting some outdoor furniture that is just as comfortable as the one you have indoors. This makes your outdoor space an area which is more welcoming and somewhere you can use to entertain guests or simply relax with a good book and warm drink. Add a wood-lit furnace too and you can have some perfectly cosy evenings spent by the fire.

Add Some Colour

When it comes to indoor designs, a number of people choose to go for colour themes that are brighter and more extravagant. However, when it comes to their garden it is surprising to see any furniture or appliances that aren’t brown, beige or black. Giving your fences or furniture a lick of paint can go a long way in making sure that you are making the most of how creative you get with your garden.


A home garden lighting design

One of the factors about the outdoors has always been that when it gets dark, it signals the end of the fun and you have to return indoors. However, if you make sure your outdoor space is illuminated, you can still enjoy your garden even when the sun goes down! There are a couple of ways you can do this, one way is to use landscape lighting around the edges of your patio or walkway. Another way to do this is by hanging fairy lights around the edges of your house or around any trees to create an enchanting tone.

Sustainable Features

A delightful aspect of an outdoor space is how you can use it as a way to nurture mother nature! In 2016, there are now a huge number of ways to be more sustainable – and there are now a number of ways to use your outdoor space to do so. One of the more popular and common ways is to have solar panels fitted which can be used to power some of the electrical goods in your home. Another option is to use rainwater collectors which can be added around the edges of walls to recycle the water and be used again for your home as the water when you flush your toilet – this really is one of the most useful ways to make the most of your outdoor space.


A wonderful thing about a conservatory is that it can be extremely versatile with its uses.

For instance, you may use it one night to relax and read your favourite book and on another

occasion it may be the spot for your children to have their playtime. The issue is though;

these types of activities are usually best for the summer months – as it seems when we’re in

winter our conservatories a little colder than normal! But this doesn’t have to be the case,

so we’ve put together the best ways to keep your conservatory nice and cosy in the winter


Get Blinds Fitted

Adding blinds into your conservatory can be hugely important during the winter months, as

they provide an energy saving and energy efficiency like no other. With specialist fabrics you

can find your conservatory keeping warm in and cold air out. Ideally, curtains would be

better for this, but it can be difficult to match curtains to the styling and décor of

conservatories. Therefore, to make the conservatory cosier you can use pleated blinds. The

reason for this is that they are made from a thicker fabric which means they can do a better

job of blocking out the heat – and as a wonderful bonus they look beautiful too!

Portable Heaters

Another wonderful way to keep your conservatory cosy is by adding more heat it by getting

some well-designed portable heaters. However, it is important to make sure that you get an

electrical heater instead of one that is reliant on gas. This is because the electrical ones are

much safer and all it will take is an easy flick of the switch to add a little warmth into back to

your conservatory this winter.

Add Some Candles, Cushions and Covers

Without a doubt, these 3 additions will make sure your conservatory is significantly cosier in

the winter. You can place some candles around the room to set a nice relaxed mood – and if

you’re a fan of the extra aromas – you can get some scented ones too! Also, by placing

some cushions and covers over your rattan furniture, you are instantly transferring the set

through from summer to winter, whilst also making sure you’re extra comfy.

Today, rattan garden furniture is the most preferred choice when it comes to a person picking their patio furniture. Despite how amazing and practical these rattan furniture suites are, if you’ve previously opted for a lower quality one, it may now be showing signs of wear and tear. Outdoor furniture is not always easy to clean and cheaper sets can get damaged due to exposure from sunlight and rain. It is at this point that we’d encourage you to look at a new suite but if you’re currently not in the position to afford a new one, we’ve listed some tips on how you can restore your set below.
  1. Examine and Assess

First of all, you should start by giving your rattan garden furniture a thorough examination. Remove any cushions that you may have and place the suite where there is a good source of light to allow you to check exactly what is worn or damaged. Next, you need to assess the damage and make the decision of whether it could just be cleaned, if it needed a coat of paint or if it needs to be replaced. You’ll need to see if there is any damage in the frame and also check if there are any parts where the wicker weave is damaged or has loosened.
  1. Cleaning The Rattan

The next step it to start cleaning the rattan. For cleaning, use a stiff bristled brush or a toothbrush to scrub away all of the dirt and grime. You could also use the vacuum brush attachment to the clean the furniture. Once the brushing is out of the way, make a solution of warm water and dish washing soap and using a soft sponge clean the furniture. Wipe the furniture down using a rag and clean water. Do not hose or use excess water soaking the furniture as it might damage the rattan.
  1. Glue Those Loose Pieces

Check for loose strands around the leg and other regions. Use an epoxy glue or super glue to secure it back in place. May sure you don’t use an excess amount as you don’t want to spoil the appearance of the wicker work, therefore you need to ensure you wipe away any spillages or bubbles.
  1. Replace and Weave Strands

In case the unfortunate case that you come across any strands that are beyond repair and ultimately that are cutting through the frame, you may have to replace it with a new strand. You can buy wicker strips for this purpose from some manufacturers or craft store. If you decide to do this, then make sure you soak the wicker strips for 1/2 an hour in water so that it is easier to manipulate. Following this, remove the worn piece and cut just above the damaged region. You will then be able to measure the length of rattan that needs to be replaced. Always add 2 inches to the desired length to be safe and cut. Finally, you now just need to weave it back into the same pattern. This may be quite hard to do, depending on the complexity of your suite but you can use glue to keep your weave in place.
  1. Add Paint and Varnish

The last step to take Is to paint your furniture. Spray paint typically works well as it covers all the little hidden bits the eye will miss. You can finish off your work by coating it with a lacquer for that finished look or you can spray primer to the piece and let it dry for 24 hours, and then repaint with white paint. Finally, complete the look with a coat or two of varnish in order to restore a natural and authentic look to the material.

Patterns are a wonderful thing and they can immediately brighten any room or interior décor. It allows you to add character to any space and with the wide range of amazing patterned fabrics we have available, we’ve put together this list for inspiration.

Match Your Furniture to Your Rug 

A brilliant way to create a scheme for your room is to use a patterned rug as your foundation. Pick out the key colours from the piece and then work your fabrics around it. Chose from our fabrics to ensure that the designs offer a similar tone and theme. You can emphasis those accent colours in your room or you can add harmony by picking out those subtle elements of colour. It is also worthwhile in a patterned room to keep the curtains or blinds to a plain colour to soften the look and remove the risk of too much contrast occurring.

Make That StatementArlington Lifestyle Couch with flowered pattern

A clever way to show off your patterns is to choose statement piece that offers a strong design. Take the Arlington shown here, for example, the bold paisley esk’ print on the suite creates a defining and show-stopping aesthetic. Mix that with some picturesque artwork or soft cushions that complement the pattern and you’ve got yourself a winning combination. It works so well because the colours thrive together, and the plain but strong accessories add harmony to the look.

In Fuse Some Natural Elements into The Theme

If you’re someone who has a passion for all things colour why not give your living room or conservatory a boost of pattern with a simple bunch of flowers. You can especially use our unique grade A and D fabrics to match the petal colour to your suite or cushions. This is an easy way you can introduce bright shades to work well with the more delicate colours on the wall and curtains behind.

Incorporate Accessories

Dessers Stamford Cameo Shot of a pattern rattan suite with a draped rug Patterns can be layered in many ways, and not just by fabrics or wallpaper. Here, the simple addition of the plain throw over the patterned Stamford range  adds, even more, interest to this piece and elegant room. Rugs, planters and vases are also a great way to add some extra bits of pattern to the space. They are all simple additions that can be easily added or switch in and out when you want to go for a new look.  

Now that the colder days are here, our minds begin to drift back to that summer sun and those fun times spent together with family in the garden. With just a few months left of this year, you will slowly start to think more and more about next year’s plans and how you can make the most of the warm weather. Maybe this summer you didn’t have the outdoor setup that you wanted, maybe you grew tired of pulling chairs in and out of the shed or maybe you just didn’t have the right furniture to accommodate for the whole family? Whatever the reason in 2017 that doesn’t have to be the case. We have just released our brand new 2017 outdoor furniture collection and we’re really excited about it! So to give you some inspiration for your new year purchases, take a look at our amazing new ranges and see our top picks from the new releases.

The Atlanta

Desser's Atlanta range with woven top table combo Made from weatherproof synthetic rattan, the L-shaped Atlanta suite is perfect for accommodating to large groups of friends or family. You can also choose from a number of stylish fabrics to create your own personalised, beautiful setting that allows you to enjoy countless evenings in comfortable on.

The Georgia

Desser Georgia Range New For 2017 Complete the range with the additional stools and armchairs to get this amazing set. Aside from how great the Georgia suite looks, the range is highly practical for those of you with bigger families. With enough seating for everyone, outdoor dining will be a daily occurrence!

The Dakota

Dessers Dakota 3seater & rattan chair combo If you’re looking for an update in regards to your rattan garden furniture, then look no further. Those flimsy, hard garden chairs can become a thing of the past with this new Dakota range. Ideal for those of you that want to sit out and bask in the sun, this range offers an unrivalled level of comfort that will make relaxing after a long day an effortless task.

The Olympia

Dessers Olympia Outdoor Furniture Range The standout range that offers unparalleled elegance and beauty, we bring you the Olympia. Not to be missed, you can sit and savour your days in this sophisticated, classy collection all summer long. Designed with socialising in mind, this circular set brings everyone together so you can catch up and enjoy their company in the picture-perfect setting.

The Clifton range is one of, if not the most popular that we offer and there’s good reason for that. We are proud of every single range we produce here at Desser but this suite will always be a classic and something special to us. Desser Clifton Suite lifestyle image in a conservatory The range is one that really encapsulates everything about the traditional rattan aesthetic and weave. We’ve been designing high standard and well-crafted furniture for your homes for decades but this is one range that stands the test of time. With a unique and natural appearance of rattan, it offers both a high level of comfort and practicality. With a robust back, its durable structure uses base cushioning and tailored upholstery to offer a truly British design. Perfect for unwinding on after a long day, it includes fully upholstered armrests for added relaxation for you to chill out on – they can even be removed to help you clean or to accommodate for the full family on birthdays and Christmas! Desser's Clifton Conservatory furniture suite The range itself comes in a broad range of different fabrics so you can style it to match your home décor. With Autumn well underway it’s the perfect time to invest in some well need rattan and some scatter cushions to go with it so you can style your interior to meet the season. Depending on the size of your space, you can choose to buy as much or as little of the range as you want. We have available – the three seater Sofa, the two-seater sofa, an armchair, footstool, lamp tables, coffee table and scatter pillows. This information is all available on our product page if you’d like to know just exactly what you can get. Desser's Clifton range in a Cameo fabric Despite people being under the illusion that everyone wants the most futuristic or latest thing out there, there is still a large demand for the authentic, well-crafted and ‘best of British’ pieces out there as people love to add character to their homes. The Clifton is so popular and such a classic for that exact reason. It’s modernly made but it still flaunts all of the attributes of that of a traditional, high-quality piece of rattan. As a range, it really does tick all of the boxes for homeowners and with its elegance, cosiness and practicality, this is a suite that will stay a favourite for many more years to come.  

Every home eventually comes to that point when it just needs a fresh update. This may be because some of the furniture is looking a little bit worse for wear, a new season or maybe it could be down to the fact your room just doesn’t seem to have the same shine it once used to. A big change isn’t always required to alter the feel of the house, and a room can be massively updated by simply adding some new cushions and covers to the rattan sofas. There are also a number of other ways you can spruce up your house’s décor, so let’s have a look!

Take a Stock Count

This is usually a term which is more popular on the warehouse floor, but taking a look at the items around your home can also be very useful to assess which items are maybe past their use-by date. Is your wicker cracking? Your curtains fading? It may be time to cut your ties and have a look at some new options.

Have a Big Clean

Once you’ve passed all the items in your home, there may be no need at all to get any new furniture or ornaments as all your décor requires is a good clean. The best place to start with is your kitchen as this is the room that usually has the most spots to clean. Give the worktops some work with spray and a scourer to get rid of any stubborn stains that might have developed. When it comes to your furniture there are a number of handy guides that can show you how to make your rattan and cane look sparkling again without damaging the collection or using too much effort.

Get into the Seasons

Interior Design Spring Living RoomOnce you’ve given your home a once over and it’s now back to looking beautiful, a wonderful way to update your décor is by adding some subtle decorations that relate to the season we’re currently in. Going into autumn, you may want to switch from summer by removing some of the flowers out of the vases and instead of filling them up with pinecones or synthetic leaves. You can also bring the outside in by bringing your cane and rattan furniture indoors to say your conservatory to add some texture and colour to the décor.

New Furniture and Fresh Paint

Your rattan sofa may still be looking nice, but over time it is bound to have lost some of its comfort and maybe the paint in your room doesn’t light it up like it once did? Updating your sofas and the colour scheme of your room/walls is definitely one of the biggest ways to change the look of your room. It is without a doubt the best way get that new refreshing look you need to feel good about the space again so what are you waiting for!? Now is the perfect time to update your home décor.

Rimini cameo Outdoor Rattan Furnitre As the winter gets closer and the temperature drops, it is now to prepare for the colder months ahead. Despite the disappointing summer, you may have of at least enjoyed a few days out in the garden enjoying the sun whilst sat in your outdoor furniture. However, when the threat of constant rain and even snow is looming, you need to now start looking at ways to protect your wicker furniture against the harshness of the times so that it is still in pristine condition if for next summer (that is if we get more sun this time around!). Often people just leave their furniture to handle the weather but this shouldn’t be the case. With a few simple steps, you can prolong the life of your wicker furniture and protect it throughout the season.
  1. Remove and Refresh the Cushions
Most rattan furniture ranges come with decorative cushions to add that level of comfort and luxury to the outdoor wicker chairs, sofas and sectionals. Cushions can elevate the look of the suite and capture the essence of the season perfectly, however, after months of use they tend to get dirty. Start by removing the cushions before you clean the outdoor furniture. Vacuum the cushions to suck up surface dirt and dust. If the cushions are stained and have a canvas or fabric cover like our ranges do, treat the stained areas with specialist detergents or disinfectants before looking to wash the cushions in hot water. In addition, you should look to use a soft brush to scrub away mildew and stains.
  1. The Clean
So after you’ve treated the cushions it’s time to give that wicker furniture some TLC! Before you cover it or even store it away, start by vacuuming the furniture to get rid of surface grime and dirt! If you hose down the suite, make sure you allow adequate time for it to dry before covering it as you don’t want it to get damp. Next, you can simply mix dish soap with warm water then wipe down the furniture with a soft rag. Sometimes it’s handy to get a toothbrush or small brush with needles to get into the crevices of the weave. Always, ensure your outdoor furniture is completely dry before you store it. If moisture or dirt is left on your furniture, mould or mildew may form during the winter months.
  1. Cover Up Your Cane
Not everyone is blessed with acres of space so you may find you’re limited in your ability to store your outdoor furniture and need to keep your furniture outside for the whole season. If that’s the case, you should use well-fitted covers to protect your wicker furniture during the winter. Take exact measurements of each piece of furniture to avoid guesswork and gaps in its protection. With the right fit, it will prevent moisture building up, it will keep decay at an arm’s length and it will stop the harshness of winter weather from affecting your wicker furnishings. When it comes to covers make sure it is:
  • Made from heavy-duty fabric to stand up to the weather, leaves, animals, and other outdoor elements.
  • It has to be water-repellent to protect your wicker pieces against the snow and rain.
  • It comes with venting in its design so air can circulate through it to avoid mould.
  • That it is durable enough and comes with ties and reinforced seams to keep the covers securely in place for those unpleasant windy days.
  1. Storage
If possible, you could store your wicker furniture indoors during the winter. If the space is there, then, ensure that your suite is kept in a dry place that is not directly exposed to the sun and cold. Suitable storage areas can include a garage, shed, orangery, conservatory or attic. All of our ranges are lightweight so they’re built to be easy to move. Unless you will be using it if for example, it was in your conservatory, your wicker furniture should still be covered, even when its inside. The reason for this is that it protects the furniture against dust, mildew and temperature fluctuations. You should avoid stacking the furniture pieces on top of each other as this can cause damage in the form of cracks or bends if it’s left in that way for months on end. It’s never a fun task to tidy things away but it is a necessary one if you want to look after your pieces. Don’t worry, though, it only takes a couple of hours (at best!) to properly protect your wicker furniture for the wonders of winter. That way, when the warm weather returns next years, you can release your well-kept furniture and it will look better than ever!

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