Month: May 2014

For over 95 years, Desser furniture has been furnishing peoples conservatories and living rooms. We are always striving towards the future, so we have created our very first, brand new outdoor garden furniture range. We have always been experts at creating the finest rattan furniture pieces, and our brand new Bliss range is no different. Continue Reading

The living room is one of the places in a home that showcases the sense of style that visitors are free to see. Unfortunately, sometimes we don’t get as big a living room as we originally wanted. A lot of people simply choose to ignore the fact that they have a small living room, over furnishing it with bulky furniture. There are various design choices you can use to make a space that anybody would find a pleasure to spend time in. Continue Reading

Buying a new sofa can be a massive decision. Once you’ve committed to a sofa you normally have to live with it for a long time. When choosing a sofa, there are a lot of options to consider. Does it suit the ambience of the room? Do you have any pets that may be lounging around on your sofa? These are all things that can completely change the style of sofa you go for. These following 8 points will help you to figure out a sofa best suited to you. Continue Reading