Month: December 2013

Christmas is a time for celebrating, socialising and relaxing with your loved ones. Make your home more inviting by arranging your furniture that ensures ease of movement and lets people have a good time. You need to create a path so that visitors can move around from one space to another. Here are a few tips on how to arrange your furniture for christmas:

Have a focal point

A focal point could be your christmas tree, fireplace or mantel. Go out to make it very attractive and welcoming, but stop at one focal point. More than one focal point can make your room feel over-crowded and confusing.

Make it easy to socialise

If you invite a lot of guests, be aware you’ll need a lot of room for them to socialise effectively. Sometimes you may find removing a sofa from your living room can free up space for your guests. Put the sofa in another room to provide additional seating.

Light the way

If you want your guests to get that ‘Christmassy feeling’ ensure you have a wide array of Christmas lights. It will make your home feel warm and cosy instantly. Fairy lights, candles and a well decorated fireplace will add to your festive ambiance.

Make sure you have enough seating

Your guests will not want to stand up all day, especially after a huge Christmas dinner. To ensure your guests go home happy and have a great time at your Christmas gathering, make sure there is adequate seating for everyone. Also, nesting tables or coffee tables come in handy for setting down drinks or food as it could be difficult to eat food while standing up with a drink in your hand.


If you have decided to forgo the Christmas dinner and opt for the simpler buffet, you will need to place the food in an easily accessible place for everyone, such as the kitchen, dining table or a buffet table in the living room. This will allow everyone to help themselves as they please and will also allow you to pull away the dining chairs from the table and use them as extra seating. In addition to this, distribute plates of snacks around the conversation areas you have set up.

What did you think of this blog? Can you think of any other ways to arrange your furniture and decorations for Christmas? Please leave your comments below.